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Etnia Barcelona is an eyewear brand based in Barcelona.

It is a family business, which sets it apart from other brands in the sector. The third-generation heritage brings an added value to our products. The company┬┤s history and tradition is reflected in each of our collections. Pioneer in the study and application of color. Since its beginning, Etnia Barcelona have wanted not only to manufacture eyewear but also to make its mark, create a brand that would revolve around color.

The finest materials and the best partners come together to ensure superlative quality in every one of their designs.

Etnia Barcelona works with natural acetate, a material that comes from cotton and is known for its comfort and malleability. Etnia Barcelona designs and develops a complete range of textures and colors for each season. The result is exhaustive control of the process from beginning, starting with the materials, to end, with the finished product. Based on exhaustive research on fashion, runway and street trends, and other artistic disciplines, the Etnia Barcelona team develops the palettes that will dress up our models each season. An accurate vision of what is coming balanced with classic elegance for every type of public.

The lenses, manufactured using pure mineral crystal, are the most advanced in the world and offer the best color experience and better visual perfection without scratching. Etnia Barcelona is free, human, multi-ethnic but, above all, it is culture. Inspired by cultural movements, we create our story through collaborations with creators from the worlds of art and photography. Because we are passionate about artists and their work. The process of transforming raw materials into works of art.