Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is fully committed to enhancing patients’ lives and partnering with Eye Care Professionals. ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses are a world leader in soft disposable contact lenses.

ACUVUE® transforms your perspective so that you can see better, connect more deeply, live more fully. Only ACUVUE® offers a portfolio of contact lenses designed to meet different patient needs.

For more than 30 years, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care has focused exclusively on improving vision through superior contact lenses, never compromising on the goal of creating technologies that make meaningful differences in people’s lives.

Starting from a deep understanding of patients’ needs, (considering both lifestyle and eye physiology), each product’s technology is inspired by – and works in harmony with – the eye. Each product’s design is literally inspired by the natural functions of the eye to meet specific patient needs.

ACUVUE® EYE-INSPIRED™ Design : Innovative technologies designed to meet patients’ different eye physiology and lifestyle needs while working in harmony with the eye.

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