More than 75 years after it’s’ conception, Lacoste has become a lifestyle brand which exemplifies elegance and comfort.

Permanently revisiting its great classics in a modern way, the Lacoste eyewear collection is inspired by its authentic sporting roots.

Lacoste eyewear compliments a relaxed, classy and comfortable lifestyle allowing for the brand to become a reputable symbol of relaxed elegance. The Lacoste Eyewear Collection is the natural fusion between Lacoste colours, graphics and today‘s trends.

Aesthetic techniques such as vibrant colour blocking, striping and piping, the classic piqué texture, and the ever-recognizable crocodile logo, have resulted in eyewear that is unconventionally chic.

Lacoste Eyewear offers comfort and high quality finishes, ideal for those who live a timelessly elegant lifestyle, whether it’s on the green or on life’s centre court.

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