Personal Protection Equipment

The Moscon Group, have partnered with Eric Beare and Associates Ltd allowing us to introduce many personal protection products, manufactured in China, to the African market.

Moscon operates with a passion for excellence in product, quality, service and people while investing heavily in the development of our customers.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented demand, certain products from Eric Beare and Associates Ltd will be sent to Moscon with the manufacturers packaging and branding and not the the Eric Beare packaging and branding.

Eric Beare and Associates Ltd is a 65 year old Hong Kong based company specialising in China supply chain management, Beare has over 40 staff located in China, with our decades of experience in product design and engineering, factory auditing, logistical support & most importantly product quality management, Beare is the go to company for quality and safety conscious buyers wishing to responsibly react to rapid market demand. Our human health product range is specifically developed to address the urgent need for high quality, accessible personal protection products. All our products are shipped directly from manufacturers after extensive product testing, safety certification verification and detailed product inspection.

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